The Wigwam’s ancestry is a story steeped with strong ties to Canal Winchester and its loyal customers.  Opening its doors in 1899, the Wigwam was a combination restaurant and bakery, run by D.E. Alspaugh and his brother-in-law H.E. Foor.  The families ran the business for nearly 48 years before passing the reigns to Mr. Alspaugh’s daughter, Jane.  Jane made her mark by adding a duck pin bowling lane for her customers.  The bowling lane was moved from a business across the street into the Wigwam and the pins were hand set.  The Wigwam was “the gathering place” for high school students and locals.  gathering place” for high school students and locals. 

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In 1948, George Lerch operated the restaurant, first naming it “The Wigwam.”  At some point, Evelyn Barnett acquired the restaurant and hung the characteristic “Barnett’s Wigwam” sign on the building.   Next, John and Anne Meadows ran the “Wigwam” for 12 years.  In 1981, Ron Heischman purchased the restaurant and began to offer evening meals.   Pat and Bob Francisco purchased the restaurant in 1991 and continued the tradition. Shannon Mast, recognized the Wigwam’s importance to the community in the Suburban News Publication on January 24, 2001, when she wrote “Canal Winchester just wouldn’t be the same without the Wigwam Restaurant.”   In August 2007, Hannelore, Phil and Diana Eichhorn purchased the restaurant, naming it after Phil’s mother, “Miss Marian’s Wigwam”.  After months of renovation, the restaurant continued as “the gathering place” for Canal Winchester residents and others.  

Since 2011, Canal Wigwam is now owned by Mark & Angela Savino. Continuing the traditions long established by the prior owners, Canal Wigwam offers the finest in home cooking.  Still located in the center of town, it remains a perfect place for residents, friends and visitors to gather and relax.  Every visitor is welcomed and treasured.  Thanks for honoring us with your visit, and we hope you enjoy the Wigwam’s old and new traditions in your dining experience. 
The Wigwam began in 1899 as a combination restaurant and bakery.
One of central Ohio's oldest continuously operated restaurants!